Adress Crete:
Strati Kalogeridi 15
71305 Heraklion

Adress in the Netherlands:
Ronnie Bierman Tuin 51
1705LP Heerhugowaard

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Adress Santorini:

Pyrgos Santorini,

84700 Greece

Unforgettable memories
Marry Crete & Santorini

Our hairdresser at Crete Marina,

We only work with a professional hairdresser, a household name in Crete for 30 years

We can also arrange the hairdresser for you. You send a photo of your hair and your wishes and we will give you a quote. The prices are between

€ 80 and € 200 according to your wishes.

Trouwen Kreta Hairdressr Marina

Below some of Marina's works. You can of course fill in to your own wishes.