Adress Crete:
Strati Kalogeridi 15
71305 Heraklion

Adress in the Netherlands:
Ronnie Bierman Tuin 51
1705LP Heerhugowaard

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Adress Santorini:

Pyrgos Santorini,

84700 Greece


Ronnie Biermantuin 51

1705 LP Heerhugowaard


Adress on Crete:

Strati Kalogeridi 15,

71305 Heraklion

Adress Santorini:

Pyrgos Santorini,

84700 Greece

Wedding Crete & Santorini
For information without obligation contact us.

Send us an email with your wishes, if you want to get married. State whether you want to get married in Crete or Santorini. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Kala Stephana!